The list of races to do (before I rot)

Among the most mixed blessings of growing old, the decaying memory is prominent. Of course you will never forget the most embarassing moments of adulthood; if you’re lucky, the feeling of embarassment will give way to nostalgia. But this is not what I was going to tell. What was that again? Yes, of course: there are so many fabulous races I heard and read about that I have to keep a list. For a long time, this list has existed in an excel spreadsheet on my office computer (I’m an accountant, after all). But anti-discrimination laws and sliding state-pension schemes notwithstanding, it might so happen that I cannot finish them all before retirement, so now I take the list online, for me to remember and for all of cyberspace to share. This is an ongoing project. I will start by jotting down a few names, then add comments and plans, so check back to see progress!

Challenge Roth

„Best Old Race“. The first Iron Distance race in Germany (though no longer under that brand name). The atmosphere is hyped beyond credibility. Good for PB (the bike leg is rumoured to be on the short side…). Timo and Nico have done it. Close to home. Close to where my bike comes from. In short, no excuses here. On the shortlist for 2012.

Insriptions start on 18 July 2011 at 10 am CEST. Date and hour are marked in my calendar.

Update: I successfully inscribed on 18 July at 10:06. cu on 8 July 2012, iA!

Up-update: I did it! Finished in 11:06h and wrote about it.

IM Regensburg

Regensburg is my hometown. I want to do this one anyway. If Roth goes well (meaning a run under 3:50), in 2015 I’ll seriously go for the slot in M55 in this race.

Roth went not that well, but Regensburg stays on the list.

The Vitruvian

Cotswold Tri

Now, this is obiously the wrong site. I was really thinking of this race: the Cotswold 113! For the obvious reasons: it is close enough to Oxford so I can find my way, and it is long enough to justify the travel involved. Plus, it is in June, so the weather won’t feel like Norseman to a douche from the continent…

Triathlon de Gerardmer

Another middle distance. Close to home. Judging from the pics on the website, it seems a fantastic location, in the middle of the Vosges nature reserve. „Nine little climbs […] total elevation is 1,900+“. Now that sounds decent! Definitely on the shortlist.

Challenge Henley

Abu Dhabi

Not really sure about this one, but temptation is high. Doing a race with a 200k bike leg in March means training on the edge all winter, spending every free minute on the turbo. The cost is frightening (I’d go for two weeks there, and take the missus), but so is the idea of riding my bike around an F1 circuit.

Coverage of the 2011 event made me rethink this one. Sandstorm at 40°C on the bike ride? Not really my cup of tea. Plus, during the training camp at the end of February this year, I had my doubts if I could be in form by mid-march. Not impossible, but you cannot afford to miss out on even one training session. Right now, I am preparing for Wiesbaden 70.3 mid-August. I am just going through a slack period, but no harm here – plenty of time to consolidate the form I have been building up for the past six months. With a major race in March, you just don’t have this sort of leeway 😦


Fantastic location. The whole race takes place in the castle grounds, which could qualify as a middle-sized Bundesland back home. Been there on holyday. Of course a sprint distance wouldn’t be worth the travel cost, so I would combine it with


Windsor? Who the heck wants to do Windsor? Looks like every other participant came down with something akin to cholera this year, and the bike leg is rumoured to be a draftfest. 😦


Challenge Kraichgau

Unfinished business. In 2009, I took part, impersonating the swimmer in a relay team. I loved the location, the atmosphere, the after-race area and had heard lots of praise for the bike course. In 2010, I decided to do this one alone, as preparation for my first IM. I gloriously near-drowned in the lake, overcome by panic after not more than 200m. Had to buy a new wetsuit and undergo massive self-psychoing in order to face the Langener Waldsee four weeks later.

As I am near-set to enter Challenge Roth, Kraichgau would be the ideal pre-race race. Double Challenge coming up! 🙂

Challenge Walchsee

Similar story, at least the beginning. The race was held for the first time in September 2010, the year of my first LD. I was curious, and in order to have a look without doing another MD on my own, I organised a relay. This time, I nearly drowned on the camp site, but finished the swim honourably. Although I know well that statistic doesn’t work this way, I presume that for a century or two, there won’t be another autumn as cold and rainy as last year, so I look forward to a fantastic race B4IR.

Update on this one: I just joined a relay team for 2011, one week from now. On the bike, this time. Maybe next year, I’ll be the runner in a relay team? A bissl und a bissl gibt a fulle Schissl!

IM Lanzarote

One fantastic race, I have heard. In February 2011, I spent two weeks of training camp on Lanzarote and rode the bike route, several parts several times and once the whole round. It would be a shame not to do the race, now I know the bike leg this well. I hope the race will continue to be held, now that its doyen seems to be retiring.

2011 update: the bike route goes through Nazareth again, so it is a perfect venue for the upkeepers of rule #5.


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